Workgroup Edition

3Ga Corporation has developed a proprietary, peer-to-peer web-native software solution that streamlines the engineering design process.

Since engineering data drives design decisions, our innovative peer-to-peer architecture enables users to create associative product engineering data without translation. In a sense, 3Ga Corporation creates and manages “what if” scenarios for engineers in a “net-computing” environment.

3G.web.decisions calculate hundreds of design alternatives automatically and provide a visual setting for decision support collaboration. Designers, engineers, manufacturers and part suppliers can generate multiple visual solutions collaboratively in 3GaCorporation’s knowledge base: “Active Solution Space”. decision_no_walls_small

3G.web.decisions create a tremendous opportunity to use a net-computing environment to integrate disparate data, applications, and people into a powerful engineering knowledge base.

3G.web.decisions is comprised of three products:
3G. access