Generation Automation

3Ga stands for 3rd Generation Automation, where the first generation of automation platforms was the mainframe computer; the second generation was the Desktop Computer Workstation, and the 3rd generation is the advent and the pervasiveness of the Internet.

To design plastic mold for ABS injection molding, 2k injection molding you need to use CAD software, 3G Part Brower has good software to help with part design, mold design for any metal tooling or plastic injection tooling.

The Internet brings new possibilities in communication and collaboration as well as painless, inexpensive access to information and computing power. As companies globalize, the ability to distribute information to remote project teams removes a significant bottleneck in the development cycle. Today, web-native applications can access information from anywhere – on any internet-connected computer. This peer-to-peer aspect of 3G.web.decisions create a tremendous opportunity to use a net-computing environment to integrate disparate data, applications, and people into a powerful engineering knowledge base.