The fast and easy way to find the part you created and just can not remember its file number.

Tom Angus, Devro (Scotland) Ltd.
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PartBrowser is a simple solution to the problem of finding your CAD files on your computer. You need only to tell PartBrowser where your CAD files are, either in local directories or network drives, and you’re ready to search. Once found, files can then be opened in the appropriate CAD system.

PartBrowser’s features include:

Text search,
Visual browser,
Duplicate finding.
Automatic indexing.
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Whilst modeling a component, have you ever been sure that you’ve designed something similar before?

With traditional systems if you can’t remember a file name or part number you need to exhaustively search through old directories and projects with only thumbnails to help. Often it’s easier to design a new part.

Using our shape similarity technology, PartBrowser can find an existing part even if you only roughly remember its shape. Either select a part similar in shape to the component you want to find and PartBrowser will display all CAD models that match the same shape. Alternatively you can model a very simplified sketch of the part you want to find in your CAD system and PartBrowser will do the rest.

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PartBrowser allows you to browse-by-shape when you don’t exactly know the shape of the part you want but would recognise it when you saw it. PartBrowser shows a representative sample of the shapes of parts on your computer – just select the most similar and then browse towards the part you want.

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Text Search
PartBrowser incorporates full text search capabilities. You can search through file names, part numbers, file properties and custom properties. We have developed specialised algorithms to parse file names and numbers according to typical naming conventions. PartBrowser will even cope with minor typos.

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Visual browsing – better than thumbnails
Whether browsing through your directory structure or viewing the results of a text or shape search, our visual browser shows CAD files in full 3D – a vast improvement over thumbnail images. You can also zoom in on any part to see more detail and display file and custom properties.

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Finding duplicate parts (optional add-in).
The DuplicateFinder add-in to PartBrowser scans all the CAD files on your computer for potential duplicates. DuplicateFinder looks for geometrically similar parts and so finds duplicates regardless of differences in CAD software used to generate the models, file formats used or minor differences in model geometry.

DuplicateFinder can, if required, output a text report containing the paths of all potential duplicates for futher investigation.

Automatic indexing
After installing PartBrowser you will be prompted to specify the location of any CAD files on local or network drives. PartBrowser will then scan those directories for CAD files and index them for shape and text searches. Each time PartBrowser is started these directories are scanned in the background for new or modified files and any re-indexing is then done automatically.

PartBrowser uses it’s own CAD-specific indexing service rather than the Windows Indexing service in order to minimise memory and CPU requirements.