Engineering Design System Solution

CHICAGO, IL: March 5, 2001 – 3Ga Corporation, a new contender in the collaborative commerce marketplace, today announces its intention to showcase its revolutionary engineering decision system, 3G.web.decisions, at Intel’s booth (#6359) at the National Design Engineering Show (NDES), part of National Manufacturing Week at McCormick Place in Chicago, March 5 – 8, 2001. The software is also being demonstrated in 3Ga‘s own booth (#8563) at NDES.

3G.web.decisions is an Internet-based technology that facilitates true P2P collaboration among product development teams. 3G.web.decisions enables project team of designers, analysts, manufacturers and suppliers to collaborate and instantaneously validate design decisions. 3G.web.decision runs on Intel® Architecture workstation and server platforms, is based on the peer-to-peer (P2P) computing paradigm, and exploits the Microsoft Windows™ and .NET™ platform, Java™ and Java3D™ to maximize the advantages of the Internet.

“Peer-to-Peer collaboration is an exciting opportunity to increase productivity and speed time to market within the enterprise,” says Kurt Sehnert, Director, Peer-to-Peer Initiative, Intel Corporation. “3G.web.decisions running on Intel® architecture servers and workstations is an example of how P2P computing can be utilized in the manufacturing arena to deliver innovative solutions and maximize IT resources.”

3Ga shares Intel’s vision that the impact of the P2P computing model will be comparable to the introduction of the graphical-interface browser. The phenomenon is enabling a new wave of applications with the potential to revolutionize computers usage models and 3Ga is leading that charge in the manufacturing solution sector.

Dr. Yuri Kizimovich, 3Ga‘s president, CEO, and co-founder, adds, “Our P2P computing solution offers at its core tremendous advantages to organizations such as facilitating the use of untapped resources, and eliminating single point bottlenecks that traditionally have slowed time to market and incurred additional costs and time to product development cycles. In addition, the technology allows us to build the breakthrough Neutral Product Definition Platform.”

The Neutral Product Definition Platform allows users to build engineering driven product design processes based on the general associative platform thereby eliminating the time consuming and frustrating issues related to data interoperability.

The P2P computing model offers a number of compelling advantages to individual users and large organizations. These advantages can be divided into technical benefits and social appeal. Technically, P2P provides the opportunity to make use of vast untapped resources that go unused without it. These resources include processing power for large-scale computations and enormous storage potential.

3Ga will have additional corporate and product announcements at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, March 6, 2001 in room S 502B at McCormick Place.

About 3Ga Corporation

3Ga Corporation is a leading innovator in today’s collaborative commerce marketplace. Its engineering decision system, 3G.web.decisions, provides the first web-native architecture that enables faster and better product decisions by bringing together intelligent people with intelligent engineering data. Harnessing the power of the Internet and parametric design concepts, 3Ga‘s advanced “active solution space” technology provides unprecedented productivity gains. Engineers, designers, suppliers, and partners work collaboratively while comparing and selecting the best product alternatives. 3G.web.decisions is truly web-native, designed with the new Microsoft .NET, Java and Java3D platform to maximize the Internet’s advantages. 3Ga‘s innovations provide our customers with distributed computing power and access to information that enable collaboration and product.decisions@internet.speed.