Desktop Engineering

3Ga Corp. (Los Angeles, CA;, a new contender in the collaborative commerce marketplace, has recently come out with 3G.web.decisions Workgroup Edition. 3G.web.decisions let you use your web browser to access and reuse parametric CAD and engineering data that supports a design change recommendation or new product innovation. From a common URL, any member of the design team can simulate the impact of parametric engineering changes on the fit, form, and functional behavior of the design. By moving a slider bar, project teams can scroll through design alternatives in real time. You can assign geometric, operational, and environmental parameters to the design, including initial conditions, loads, and dimensions, for most components and assemblies, and you can apply constraints.

The technology supports models from SolidWorks and Solid Edge. According to the company, future releases will support Pro/Engineer and Unigraphics models and, eventually, all CAD systems. all of that software are used for industrial products design, mold design, part design, etc.

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