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3G.web.decisions is a decision-making assistance software package that lets a design team simulate the impact of parametric engineering changes on the form, fit, and functional behavior of the design. Design project teams can scroll through literally hundreds of design alternatives in real time. These users can then intelligently determine the design configuration that is the most cost effective, has the highest quality, and is the easiest to manufacture. This is accomplished as 3G.web.decisions builds its unique database, called an Active Solution Space, that contains objects that associate design configurations to external information can be used as a guide for engineering alternatives and changes. These knowledge-based objects are full associative to the original CAD geometry and features with assigned parametric ranges, such as conditions and dimensions. These ranges can then be examined and evaluated against engineering criteria for optimizing designs.

Currently, the 3G.web.decisions technology supports Solid Edge and SolidWorks, but the company plans to eventually support all CAD systems.

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