About us

3Ga Corporation(Partbrowser) was founded in July of 1999 by a group of entrepreneurs to develop plastic parts and market a new emerging category of enterprise solutions called Collaborative Product Decision Support targeted for engineering organizations, discrete manufacturers and their supply chain.

As OEM’s and their tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers make the paradigm shift to a new generation of tools to increase productivity, more and more companies are developing solutions to streamline a process flow with collaboration tools. 3GaCorporation has developed a proprietary web-native software solution that streamlines the engineering design process. Since engineering data drives design decisions, 3Ga Corporation’s innovative peer-to-peer architecture enables users to create associative product engineering data without translation. In a sense, 3GaCorporation creates and manages “what if” scenarios for engineers in a “net-computing” environment.

As part of the new and emerging category of collaborative product design, 3GaCorporation’s 3G.web.decisions platform facilitates collaboration in the design process by enabling globally dispersed decision makers to make effective and intelligent product design decisions in real time. This means that peer-to-peer communication is built-in to 3Ga.web.decisions allowing each member of the design process real-time visibility to the knowledge that is otherwise stored in email or paper.

To make intelligent data available to decision-makers, 3G.web.decisions calculate hundreds of design alternatives automatically and provide a visual setting for decision support collaboration. Designers, engineers, manufacturers and part suppliers can generate multiple visual solutions collaboratively in 3GaCorporation’s knowledge base; “Active Solution Space.”

Decision makers can evaluate and compare hundreds of design alternatives collaboratively, assess the impact of design changes on pre-defined engineering and financial criteria and make plastic product and engineering decisions instantaneously.

3G.web.decisions create a tremendous opportunity to use a net-computing environment to integrate disparate data, applications, and people into a powerful engineering knowledge base.