3G.central is a web application server for controlling the flow of project data between globally dispersed team members, enabling project- and user-level management functions. 3G.central also manages the extraction of geometry, features and design parameters from the different supported CAD systems.

As part of the functional decision-making process, 3G.central provides the following main functions:


Access CAD systems and data over corporate internets or intranets
Extract CAD geometry, parameters, and features
Supported systems: SolidWorks, Solid Edge, UG
Support neutral geometry standards: STEP, Parasolid


Add/delete projects and users
Manage repository of project data, project results and design log
Manage project concurrency, check-in/ check-out features
Track activity and usage on a user and project level
Provide implicit notification of changes to project owners and clients
Manage and catalog design decisions and various levels of design comments and logs
Manage security and permissions at a user and project level