3G.author calculates hundreds of possible design alternatives and makes them available to all decision makers…
3G.author is a web-enabled desktop environment for defining and managing all3G.author – making hundreds of design alternative available to all decisions makers aspects of a project, defining criteria required to solve specific functional problems, solving them and publishing the results in the Active Solution Space.

As part of the 3G.web.decisions system, 3G.author enables the collaborative evaluation, study and comparison of hundreds of design alternatives instantaneously, shortening the time it takes to make engineering product decisions.

As part of the engineering decision making process, 3G.author provides the following main functions:

Design Evaluation
Extract parametric, feature-based CAD geometry
Define various criteria to optimize and parameters to study with their ranges and properties
Solve: use advanced adaptive simulation solvers for all defined design cases
Publish all information to the Active Solution Space
Evaluate and compare hundreds of pre-calculated design alternatives
Study impact of changes in geometry and operating conditions on functional
product behavior
Design Collaboration
View, share and study collaboratively 3D geometry, analysis results and the impact
of parametric changes on geometry and product function
Attach comments and annotations to geometry, boundary conditions and
analysis results to collaborate with multiple users and to document decisions