3G.access accumulates hundreds of possible design alternatives and makes them available to all decision makers…
3G.access is a web-native, browser-based data access product. Developed in JAVA and3G. access – design data anytime, anywhere JAVA 3D, it enables access to the Active Solution Space to evaluate and compare all available design alternatives from any remote location.

As part of the 3G.web.decisions system, 3G.access enables the evaluation, study and comparison of hundreds of design alternatives instantaneously, compressing the time it takes to make functional product decisions.

As part of the engineering decision-making process, 3G.access provides the following main functions:

Design Evaluation –

Evaluate and compare hundreds of pre-calculated design alternatives
Study the impact of changes in geometry, material and operating conditions
on functional product behavior
Perform instant validation, along with multi-criteria optimization
Design Collaboration –

View,share and study collaboratively 3D geometry, analysis results as well as
the impact of parametric changes on geometry and product function
View sensitivity, animation and contoured results
Add and review comments and annotations on geometry, environmental conditions and analysis results in order to create a design log
Create web-based project reports