PartBrowser is a desktop search engine for CAD. Search your CAD files by shape and by text, find any part with our unique visual browser. Save time by finding files faster. Save money by re-using parts.

An Enterprise version of PartBrowser will shortly be released. Please contact us at sales@shapespace.com to discuss your requirements.

Find with ‘Search-by-Shape’.
Do you know what a part looks like but can’t remember its filename? Use our unique shape similarity technology to search your CAD files by their shape and size.
Learn more about our “shape search” technology
Save money – Re-use parts.
Have you already designed a part like this? Hundreds of $$$’s are wasted on designing a new part when similar ones already exist. PartBrowser can take a partially finished model and find similar parts.
Learn more about part reuse with PartBrowser
Save time – Find files faster.
Loads of CAD files in directories on your hard drive or network? PartBrowser helps you browse or search for the file you want instantly.
Browse directories, search by text or search by shape.
Quicker, Easier Indexing.
Do other Search programs slow your system? PartBrowser is tailored for CAD files, doesn’t use Microsoft Windows indexing and needs minimal system resources.
See how easy it is to index your library
Why use PartBrowser?
To reuse a part you first need to find it.
“Parts reuse is not a nice-to-have improvement; it should be a working mandate…. conservatively estimates that between 30% and 40% of a manufacturer’s parts are duplicates or have acceptable substitutes. With the annual carrying cost of between $4,500 and $23,000 per item for the introduction of a new part number, duplicate part proliferation is an area of known cost exposure.”

(Aberdeen Group, “Component & Supplier Management:
Saving Time and Money Part by Part,” March 2002)

The benefits of reusing existing parts are clear. However, you may not know that an acceptable substitute exists. Or finding the right part can involve a time-consuming trawl through directories and old projects with only undescriptive file names and thumbnails to help. Faced with these problems it is often easier to design a new part

PartBrowser allows a designer to browse parts in a folder structure in full 3D, or use text search on file names or properties. Files can even be found when no name or property is known by using our ‘search-by-shape’ technology. This means it is much easier to find and reuse existing parts and avoid unnecessary new part introductions.

3Ga Corporation is a group of Partbrowaswser,  founded to solve the complex problem of product design decisions in a virtual atmosphere. We have developed a peer-to-peer, web-native software product that allows for design mobility in an open and scalable web environment. We call this 3G.web.decisions.

At 3Ga Corporation, we are pioneering a revolutionary approach to the parametric and associative process of product creation and collaboration with fully associative 3-D engineering content. We have developed a web-native environment for design mobility.

3Ga Corporation creates a tremendous opportunity to use the apeer-to-peer environment to integrate applications, disparate data, rich and dynamic 3-D content, and people into a powerful and intelligent net-computing decision